Dec 17 2013

Less Facts, and More Time for Hands-On Explorations in the Science Classroom

image children and stem educationGreat coverage of what kids and parents want from their classroom science experiences on NPR Morning Edition December 17, 2013 by Eric Westervelt.¬†Westervelt observes a group of elementary students from Paul Revere Elementary exploring science concepts via hands-on explorations at the Explore Mission Workshop in San Francisco.¬†Unfortunately, what an observer will see if they step into the typical classroom is a teacher teaching a “bunch of meaningless and disjointed facts” and students regurgitating information. In a recent survey conducted by NPR on classroom science experiences both parents and students stated that they wanted more time for hands-on-minds-on explorations, and less time spent on memorizing useless, meaningless facts. I also found it interesting that one of the parents stated that the “teachers are showing a lack of enthusiasm for teaching science.” I have to agree with the parent, if the teachers are not excited about science, how can they expect their students to be excited about science.

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