May 6 2013

The 10 Smartest Kids In The World

Too often policy makers are focusing their concerns on the bottom 20% of students around the world. In an article by Nicholas Carlson in STEM teacher training by Dr. Diana Wehrell-GrabowskiBusiness Insider entitled “The 10 Smartest Kids In The World (And The Problems They Can Solve). Carlson provides a brief bio on the 10 smartest kids in the world identified by identified 10 of the smartest kids in the world. is a website where anyone can be challenged to solve difficult math and science questions in a weekly olympiad-style challenge. Brilliant CEO Sue Khim would like to find the “underserved” geniuses around the world, and help provide them with an education by introducing these individuals to top educators and educational institutions. I’m going to take this a step further, and suggest that we focus on providing all the math and science teachers of the world quality teacher training and experiences that will help them to become top educators. Thus, providing all students with a  top-knotch educational experience. Read the entire article here in Business Insider.

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